Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So far today.....

ive mainly been making the piano for the attic - what a long painstaking process :( but i got there finally, and below are the stages in pics:

Photobucket The basic frame

Photobucket The key panel

Photobucket Both the above pics put together

Photobucket All finished with music sheet and keys added on.

Righto, next job on the agenda, the basement fireplace (i think this might take a while :(
Photobucket The garden as i had left it a year ago, and below the pond that is to go in it:

PhotobucketThis is the progression of the bookcase, and the books that i had made for it.

Photobucket This is a Tv stand that i made, its not quite finished as i need to get some perspex to put on the top

Photobucket And finally the duck board for the bathroom, made out of coffee stirrers

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday 22nd April

My first task of the day was to remake the computer desk and then to do the bathroom tiling. Both of which i thought turned out pretty well, the tiling isnt completly finished, but im hoping to do the rest of that tonight (without being distracted by the TV) Below are some pics (ill always try and put some pics up with every post)

So far...

My dolls house so far

Ok so let me start by introducing myself. My name is Kathryn (kay for short) Stewart, im 21 years old and live in kent. This is my first dolls house that i am building, but im sure it wont be the last. I will put some pictures up of how my dolls house has been coming along, and show you how it is at this moment in time.

I am going to be attending the dolls house fair in pudsey this saturday (25th April), so if anyone wants to meet me there, let me know